Honey Bee

Honey bees are the most beneficial of the social stinging insects. They are pollinators of many types of plants including many food plants. They also are producers of honey. Honey bee colonies can number in the thousands and only becomea problem to man when they inhabit our structures or some other type of void like a hollow tree or pipe. Honey bees are typically brownish-banded in color and are hairy. They are usually not aggressive but will sting in defense. Honey bees will swarm during the early spring. A honey bee swarm occurs when a queen is searching for a new nesting site and is accompanied by hundreds of workers. Although swarms can be frightening due to their sheer numbers, they are usually harmless. Honey bee nests can overwinter.

Honey bees nesting in your home or building can be legally chemically treated. Willard’s Pest Control Co. (WPC) works with several area bee keepers to try to remove the nest live and save it. However, if live removal is not an option WPC will treat the nest to eliminate it. Call Willard’s Pest Control for immediate service.

If you suspect a bee and/or wasp infestation, contact your pest control professional at Willard’s Pest Control Co. for a treatment consultation. Call 425-820-1980.