Insulation Removal & Installation, Crawlspace / Attic Cleanouts & Odor Control

When rats or mice infest crawlspaces below your home or the attic above they nest in the insulation. Crawlspace insulation is attached to the sub-floor of your home. It is typically batted (rolled) fiberglass. Attics can be insulated with both batted (rolled) or blown in insulation. Both batted or blown in insulation provide perfect habitat for rats or mice. Rodents contaminate the insulation with their fecal material and urine. This is the source of the characteristic “musky” odor associated with rodent infestations.

When nesting in the sub-floor insulation of a crawlspace, rodents many times will cause the insulation to fall down from the sub-floor. Fallen insulation is a good sign of rodent activity in your crawlspace. When nesting in attics, rodents will burrow through the insulation and leave droppings on top of it. Contaminated insulation is a health hazard to the homes occupants. The diseases associated with rodent infestations are carried in the fecal material and urine.

When crawlspaces or attics are infested with rodents they typically are also contaminated and require cleaning up. This process involves removing all contaminated insulation and vapor barrier (vapor barrier is in crawlspaces only), cleaning up all droppings, treating the area with a deodorizing sanitizing agent and replacing the vapor barrier and insulation with new material. It is critical to remove the source of contamination as well as remove the source of the odor. Removing the contamination eliminates the health hazards and removing the odor is important in preventing re-infestation.

In addition to rodents, other large vertibrates such as raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and cats can infest attics and crawlspaces causing damage and creating health issues.

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