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Pest Control Services Bellevue

Are you experiencing unwanted pests?

If so call, the Bellevue area’s trusted pest control professionals. As a locally owned and operated business, we know the value of serving our community with trust, honesty, and respect. Using 100% safe techniques to protect your Bellevue home and family, we will come to inspect your infestation and provide you with an estimate for extermination services.

We help with pest control for all Bellevue area pests including:



December 30, 2017

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September 30, 2017

German Cockroach


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May 22, 2017

bed bug

Bed Bug

April 20, 2017

Attic & Crawl Space Cleaning Services in Bellevue

Crawl spaces, though often overlooked, are critical areas of your home in Bellevue, WA, that can become a haven for pests, mold, and mildew, thereby causing structural damage and affecting the indoor air quality. The dedicated team at Willard’s Pest Control offers comprehensive crawl space & attic cleaning services in Bellevue, WA, intended to safeguard your home’s health and prevent the infestation of pests.

  • Step 1: Inspection – Our well-trained experts conduct an exhaustive examination of your crawl space. They pinpoint and document any existing issues such as pest encroachments, water damage, mold development, or insulation difficulties.
  • Step 2: Cleaning – Upon completion of the inspection, we initiate a meticulous cleaning process, involving the removal of accumulated waste material, old insulation, and debris.
  • Step 3: Remediation – When pests are discovered during the inspection, our proficient team will eradicate them and implement measures to prevent future infestations. In case of mold and mildew, we employ professional-grade solutions to eliminate these detrimental fungi and restrain their future growth.
  • Step 4: Restoration – Once the crawl space is sanitized and devoid of pests or fungi, we install new, energy-efficient insulation to manage temperature and humidity levels. This aids in safeguarding the structure and promoting a healthier indoor atmosphere.

Opting for Willard’s Pest Control for your crawl space cleaning in Bellevue, WA, is a decision that ensures your home’s long-term wellness and safety. We pledge our commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction, ensuring that your crawl space will remain clean and well-protected against future threats.

pharaoh ant

Ant Removal

At Willard’s Pest Control in Bellevue, WA, we recognize the significant problems that ants can bring. These tiny pests are not just an annoyance, but they can also cause severe damage to your property and affect your health. Our proficient exterminators specialize in dealing with different types of ant invasions, such as Carpenter ants, Odorous House ants, and Pavement ants. We employ the most advanced methods, tools, and eco-friendly solutions to provide ant removal service that guarantees the safety of your family and pets.

Spider Removal

For Bellevue, WA residents combating spider problems, Willard’s Pest Control is your go-to solution. Although most spiders pose no threat, certain species can indeed be a health hazard. Whether you’ve noticed a lone spider or are grappling with a spider invasion, our spider removal services are designed to provide immediate relief. Our expert team conducts thorough inspections to determine the species of spiders and locate their habitats. Leveraging cutting-edge methods and environmentally friendly products, we target the spiders directly at their source, ensuring comprehensive resolution of your spider problems. After treatment, our team offers advice on preventive measures to maintain a spider-free property. Bellevue residents can trust Willard’s Pest Control to handle their spider concerns in a professional and efficient manner.

giant house spider size
bed bug

Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to deal with due to their evasive behavior and intolerance to many standard treatments. At Willard’s Pest Control in Bellevue, WA, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive bed bug removal services. These services initiate with a thorough inspection to recognize their presence and assess the severity of the infestation. With the help of state-of-the-art detection methods and a diverse treatment strategy, including heat treatments, insecticide applications, and encasements, we strive to eradicate bed bugs at all growth stages. Alongside eradication, we emphasize educating our customers for early detection and prevention to maintain a bed bug-free environment. Rely on Willard’s Pest Control for swift and effective solutions to your bed bug issues.

Flea Removal

Fleas pose a significant concern for homeowners, especially those with pets, due to their capacity to spread diseases and trigger allergic reactions. At Willard’s Pest Control in Bellevue, WA, we deliver a comprehensive flea eradication service that initiates with a thorough inspection of your property to pinpoint infestation zones. Our specialists employ cutting-edge techniques and environmentally-friendly products to attack fleas in all stages of their lifecycle, zeroing in on typical breeding grounds such as carpets, furniture, and pet bedding. Beyond extermination, we offer advice on preventing future infestations, including comprehensive pet care and early flea detection tips. Depend on Willard’s Pest Control in Bellevue for an all-around approach to flea control that not only resolves current issues but also shields your home against future invasions.

bed bug
deer mouse

Rats, Mice & Rodent Removal

Rats, mice, and other rodents present serious health and property threats, given their capacity to propagate diseases, spoil food, and inflict structural harm. At Willard’s Pest Control in Bellevue, WA, our expert rodent control service commences with an in-depth assessment to pinpoint rodent activity, access points, and possible nesting sites. Our proficient technicians subsequently develop a customized treatment strategy that includes trapping, exclusion, and sanitation, employing cutting-edge methods and environmentally friendly products for secure and efficient rodent elimination. Beyond treatment, we provide valuable guidance on making your property rodent-resistant and preventive steps to guarantee a tidy, safe, and rodent-free space. Rely on Willard’s Pest Control for a comprehensive, long-lasting solution to your rodent issues.

Cockroach Removal

Cockroaches are notorious for their resilience and are known to carry diseases and induce allergies. At Willard’s Pest Control in Bellevue, WA, we offer state-of-the-art cockroach control services that effectively eradicate these stubborn intruders and prevent them from returning. Our method begins with a meticulous inspection to assess the level and species of the infestation, allowing our proficient technicians to create a customized treatment plan that includes baiting, insecticide use, and exclusion tactics. After treatment, we provide guidelines on maintaining hygiene, blocking potential access points, and early recognition of cockroach activity. Count on Willard’s Pest Control in Bellevue, WA for a thorough, long-lasting resolution to your cockroach issues.

Close up of cockroach

BY REMOVING the contamination, we eliminate health hazards.

Dealing with the odor helps to prevent re-infestation

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About Willard’s Pest Control

Since 1987, Willard’s Pest Control has been providing the Bellevue area with professional, reputable pest control and extermination services. Starting out as a one-man family operation, it’s grown to employ over 30 people in the Bellevue area.

At Willard’s Pest Control, we pride ourselves in providing the very best we can to our Bellevue community through safe, honest extermination techniques. Weare actively involved in the Washington State Pest Management Association and work to promote safety in all areas of pest control so that you and your family stay safe and healthy.

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