Rodent Extermination & Removal

The ability of rodents to adapt themselves to almost every environment has made them one of the most successful of all mammals. We continually fight them to protect ourselves, our food, and our property. Rodents are commensal (meaning to share one’s table), and can establish themselves in any area where humans live and work.

The word rodent means “to gnaw.” All rodents have 1 pair of incisor teeth that grow throughout their lives (estimated 4-5 inches per year). These incisors are kept sharp and filed down by the rodents grinding them together, and to a lesser extent by constantly gnawing on various objects. The tooth enamel has a hardness index harder than steel, and the jaws can apply pressures of up to 24,000 lbs per square inch!

There are 2 types of rats commonly encountered in the Pacific northwest; Norway rats and Roof rats. A third type of rat common in eastern Washington is the Pack rat.

As far as mice are concerned, there are 2 basic types; the house mouse and deer mouse. Control techniques may differ depending on the type of rodent encountered, so a call to Willard’s Pest Control is your first step in assessing the situation and eliminating current populations.

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